Xmas Dash

Xmas Dash

Santa Claus, a pine tree, and snow. Indeed, the spirit of Christmas has permeated every corner. Come to the Xmas Dash and revel in the joyous ambiance. This holiday-themed spin-off brings fresh entertainment while preserving the beloved elements of the renowned Geometry Dash. Get in on this wild race now; there's no need to wait.

This year, Santa will be a square block racing ahead with all his might. He wanted to make sure that every child got a present on Christmas Eve, so he was in a mad dash to finish shopping. He can't fathom the perilous thorns that lie ahead. Assisting him in making it to the finish line unscathed is your objective in this game. Continue to jump. If you want to win the game, time is of the essence. Take great care to avoid tripping on sharp spikes by carefully planning each move. Because you'll have to start the game all over from the very beginning if you make even a minor error. The rules are simple and the same as the original, but the festive setting with reindeer and presents makes it stand out. Play as you soar over the sky, adorned with delicate white snowflakes!

How To Play

To advance while dodging perilous spikes and obstinate barriers, use the spacebar or touch the screen.

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