In Sokogem, you must control your character to collect gems from the chest and then follow the marked path to complete the level. It sounds simple, but this game requires some strategy to complete the level because the character can only push the gems into the chest in a straight line, and the Exit gate only opens when all of the gems are in the chest. The difficulty increases with each level, requiring a flexible mind to win. The moving spaces also increase in size as the level becomes more difficult. Players must have a specific plan for putting all of the gems into the chest because your character will not stop in the middle of the road but will continue straight until it hits the wall.

How To Play

  • Keyboard
    • WASD/Arrow keys – move
    • R – restart
  • Controller
    • D-Pad/Left-Stick – move
    • B – Restart
  • Touch
    • Swipe Up, Down, Left, Right – move
    • Restart

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