PAUSED is a unique strategy game with two characters combining combat to achieve victory. The rabbit and his friend the duck want to cross the river, but the distance between the two banks is quite far, so to get to the other side, the friends need to coordinate with each other. The instructions are available on the screen, players just need to use the arrow keys to follow the instructions, step by step understanding how the game operates will help you win more easily.


  • It's a one-player game but has two characters
  • Movement relies on the flexibility of the fingers and the good combination of both characters
  • Parameters will appear on your screen such as: number of failures, playing time, stage name

How To Play

  • Character 1: Press Up arrow key to jump, press it twice to make it jump higher
  • Character 2: Hold jump key to glide
  • Press Space to pause and jump on your company to get to the other side

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