Baby Chicco Adventures

Baby Chicco Adventures

Baby Chicco Adventures is a unique platform game inspired by the classic game Super Mario, in which you must help a new tiny penguin escape the dangers that surround him.

Our adorable little penguin was having a lovely time when something unusual occurred. He found himself in the midst of a game he had been playing for several hours. But life in that world is not as innocent as people believe. This world is dangerous, and he needs you to survive. Help him navigate platforms, leap over blocks, collect coins, and exterminate all deadly living animals. Now you must summon all of your courage and continue forward without looking back, while guarding the rear, collecting hundreds of gold coins, and avoiding death at the hands of nasty adversaries. Can you uncover the three stars concealed throughout the level? Don't succumb to the hazards around you, and have a fantastic time!

How To Play

A or left arrow key = move left; D or right arrow key = go right. W or Z: jump or fly. X or J = shoot

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