Ultra Pixel Survive Winter Coming

Ultra Pixel Survive Winter Coming

Ultra Pixel Survive Winter Coming is a role-playing game about survival in a desolate area. Players will explore a new land with two friends in order to survive for as long as possible. This area is home to many wild animals and strange creatures that will attack you on sight. Quick reflexes to dodge and attack enemies, as well as the ability to collect items after defeating them, will aid you in your survival.

Move from left to right and vice versa to discover everything and collect more items. If you collect enough of the system's required items, you can make fire, torches, protective barriers, and a variety of other tools. Find the recipe by clicking the Build button. Players can also upgrade their weapons by clicking the Upgrade button next to them to increase their fighting power. The upper left corner of the screen displays information about the character, such as level, HP, stamina, and hunger; rely on these parameters to survive. Be cautious when night falls because it contains many dangers. For example, if you go into a dark cave and the water level rises, you must exit as soon as possible before running out of oxygen. Good luck!

How To Play

  • A,D – move left/right
  • E – use boomerang
  • J – attack
  • Spacebar – jump
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