Cluster Rush

Cluster Rush

Cluster Rush is a thrilling, fast-paced first-person platformer in which you must jump, slide, and cling to many moving vehicles to get to your goal. How far will you go? Put on your gloves and nicest shoes, and let's go!

Your character is always moving ahead, and the only way to stay upright is to jump, slide, and cling to the oncoming trucks. The trucks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with some featuring stable platforms and others requiring daring gymnastics to stay on board. Be very careful where you jump and look forward to avoid colliding with one of the walls. Now it is up to you to complete all of the levels and collect all of the gold stars. Go all out and demonstrate what you're capable of. There are 35 levels that will put your concentration to the test, and completing them all will be difficult. There will be plenty of exciting things ahead of you. Cluster Rush's gameplay is simple but hard, making it an addicting experience that requires quick reactions and strategic thinking.

How To Play

The controls are quite basic. Swipe left or right to move your character. Mastering the responsiveness of swipe gestures is essential for navigating confined locations and avoiding obstructions.

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