Mineblox Puzzle

Mineblox Puzzle

Mineblox Puzzle is a conventional matching game with a twist: it's inspired by Minecraft. Immerse yourself in a world full of exquisite fruits and delectable food, and have fun. Become a puzzle expert right now!

Your objective is to match as many dishes as possible. This means your score will also rise. Inspired by Minecraft, connect-shaped foods include donuts, burgers, and fruits such as apples, pears, and bananas. Using the mouse, you must locate groups of at least three identical items and draw lines between them to delete them. Pay close attention to the time bar next to it. If you are not sharp-eyed and quick, you will be unable to win time. Try to continue for as long as possible to earn the highest possible score, and don't be afraid to share your high score in the comments.


  • Classic Minecraft graphics.
  • There are many kinds of appealing cuisine.
  • The time aspect serves to add challenges to the game.

How To Play

Connect at least 3 identical Buddha objects to clear them from the board.

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