Don’t hesitate to give Minecraft a try if you have yet to try the game out! In this game, players begin with nothing in hand as they try to navigate the vast, blocky world. Break blocks to gather resources, craft items, and tools, and fulfill all your imagination and fantasies with this amazing game!

Minecraft is unique in the sense that there is no end goal for the player. Instead, the game lets them choose between exploring their abundant creativity in the Creative mode or testing their survival skills in the Survival mode. In Survival mode, players can also explore the world below with The Nether, survive through hordes of monsters, and so much more!

How To Play

  • Press the WASD keys to move around.
  • Jump with the spacebar.
  • Look around by moving the mouse.
  • Place blocks with a right-click.
  • Break blocks with a left-click.

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