Paper Minecraft

Paper Minecraft

If you love the original Minecraft and want to see what the game would look like from a different perspective, give Paper Minecraft a try! In this game, players take control of the character as he goes around exploring a world not unlike the one they are familiar with. Collect resources by breaking blocks, and begin your adventure now!

Paper Minecraft is a Scratch recreation of the original game, making it unique from a 2D perspective. Players can pick between the three game modes that suit their interests the most, discover new creatures that are either friendly or hostile, and create the life they want to experience with Paper Minecraft!

How To Play

  • Use the WASD keys to control the character.
  • Sprint with the Shift key.
  • Place or mine blocks with the left-click.
  • Open the inventory with the E key.
  • Eat food with the F key.

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