Burrito Craft

Burrito Craft

Burrito Craft puts players in a blocky world with limitless possibilities! Live a peaceful life, go on a wild adventure, or create the best building ever!

Step into the Blocky World with Limitless Possibilities with Burrito Craft!

In Burrito Craft, players can become everything they want to be! Whether it is being a dedicated farmer, living the most thrilling adventure life ever, or experimenting with the craziest builds you can think of, this game has you covered! Based on the iconic sandbox game Minecraft, Burrito Craft offers all the features up to version 1.5.2 of the original game, giving players plenty of opportunities to make their dreams and imaginations a reality! Conquer the blocky world by yourself or work together with others in multiplayer mode!

Minecraft—The Game That Revolutionized the Sandbox Genre

What Exactly are Sandbox Games?

Sandbox is the kind of game genre that offers its players the ability to show off their creativity to the fullest. These games usually don’t have a concrete goal; the goal is what the players set for themselves. One notable example of sandbox games is Minecraft, in which players can explore the world in Survival mode and take down the most dangerous monsters, or create whatever they can think of in Creative mode. Players can also find other sandbox games with vastly different gameplay, such as The Sims and Roblox.

What Makes Minecraft so Great?

Minecraft has the well-deserved title of best-selling video game in history—and for good reasons! The premises of the game are very simple: the player spawns in a blocky world with almost infinite terrain. They begin by walking around looking for resources, gradually crafting tools and items, and building structures. As simple as it may sound, Minecraft delves deeper into the little details of the game, offering players the chance to create unimaginable buildings with different kinds of blocks and explore the world beyond (or below).

If survival games aren’t exactly what you enjoy, Minecraft offers Creative mode, which lets players float around building blocks to their liking. Whether it is creating a blocky replica of a real-life building or making pixel art, there is nothing stopping you from bringing your grand ideas to life!

What is Available in Minecraft 1.5.2?

Burrito Craft is based on version 1.5.2 of Minecraft, which means that it has everything that the original game has to offer. Below is a list of features that can be found in the game.

  • There are three game modes: Survival, Creative, and Hardcore. Players can also switch between Peaceful, Easy, Normal, and Hard difficulties.
  • Players can find over 230 different kinds of blocks and items, each with their own characteristics and functions.
  • Throughout the world, players can find distinctive structures like villages, mushroom fields, and dungeons.
  • There are countless friendly, neutral, and hostile mobs scattered around the world, some of which are specific to one biome or area. Apart from the creatures you are familiar with, such as creepers, chickens, and cows, you can also find dogs, cats, endermen, silverfish, and so much more! In Creative mode, players can spawn them with their eggs.
  • Some mobs need to be built to be created, such as the Golem variants and the Wither, the latter of which is quite a big boss!
  • There are tons of biomes to discover, including different variations of the ocean, highland, woodland, flatland, wetland, desert, savanna, cave, and so much more!
  • Travel into The Nether and The End and defeat the (sort of) final boss of the game!

How to Play BurritoCraft

What is the Goal in BurritoCraft?

In Burrito Craft, the sky's the limit, meaning that players can do anything they want! To truly experience the game as it is intended to be, it is recommended that players try the Survival mode first. If you are new to the game and are unsure of what to do, here are a few suggestions on where to begin!

Create a Crafting Table

At the beginning of the game, you spawn in an open world with nothing in your possession. The items that you can craft are very limited, and you will need a Crafting Table to access all the exciting things! Begin by punching some trees to collect around 16 wood blocks, and then turn them into wooden planks in the Inventory. Use the wooden planks to create the Crafting Table, and you are done!

Get Yourself Some New Tools

Punching things to collect resources isn’t the fastest way to get things done; plus, some items need to be collected with a specific tool to actually be collectable! Hence, your next job is to craft some tools, like a wooden pickaxe. The tool’s effectiveness and durability are dependent on the materials, meaning that a stone tool is certainly better than a wooden tool. Soon, you will be able to craft the diamond tools, which boast a high level of function and durability!

Survive the Night with a Shelter

Unless your game is in Peaceful mode, chances are that you will encounter hostile mobs sooner or later, and they are more common when night comes. To protect yourself from the monsters, your best bet is to place blocks to create some kind of basic shelter. If you want the night to end even faster, try to build a bed and sleep on it!

How to Make the Most of the Game

In Burrito Craft, players will need to be mindful of the state of their character, including the hunger bar and the health bar. To regain both of them, you can eat food; the cooked ones will generate even more health and keep you filled for longer. From this point on, you can create your own little farm with the seeds you find, expand your house, explore the caves for rare materials, and conquer the blocky world of Burrito Craft!



  • Move around with the WASD keys.
  • Sprint with the R key.
  • Jump with the spacebar.
  • Sneak with the left Shift key.


  • Attack or break blocks with the left mouse button.
  • Use items or place blocks with the right mouse button.
  • Copy the block by clicking the mouse wheel.
  • Drop items with the Q key.
  • Open the inventory with the E key.
  • Chat with the T key.
  • Open the list of players with the Tab key.
  • Zoom with the C key.

All the controls mentioned above can be modified in the Option section.

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