Make Minicraft your canvas as you bring your ideas to life! Explore countless worlds and learn to create weapons to defend yourself against frightening foes at night. Allow your fantastic imagination to run wild. Allow yourself to be enchanted by the most magical and wonderful universe we've ever known and revel in the creative process in a large, open world stretched throughout the globe. Remove the bricks, gather enough natural materials, and use your patience and ingenuity to build whatever you wish. Enter the unlimited realm of creative mode, where your resources are limitless, or delve into the depths of the globe in survival mode, crafting weapons and armor to combat frightening hordes. While enjoying unlimited freedom, explore an endlessly detailed landscape and build everything you can think of, from modest huts to massive skyscrapers. Collect various raw resources and food as you struggle to survive in a dangerous world the fun is limitless! Are you willing to let your imagination run free? Whether you choose to venture into the unknown alone or with others, you have the ability to create, explore, and persevere. Minicraft game is ready for you.

How To Play

Use WASD or arrow keys to move and Space/Enter/Z or C/X/Z to perform in-game actions.

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