Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja

Surely Fruit Ninja was one of the games that shaped your childhood, right? Now we travel back in time with the traditional fruit-chopping game. What is the highest number of points you can receive? Have fun!
Immerse yourself in a world full of tasty and healthful tropical fruits. Are you prepared to demonstrate your sword skills? This time, your goal will be to attain complete mastery of your weapon while chopping all of the fruits in the air. The fruits will fly up one by one, and you will swipe the screen to slice them, but be cautious because nothing is easy. They'll connect lethal bombs. You cannot slash at them because it will blow up, forcing you to restart the game after three attempts. You should not cut rashly because cutting numerous pieces of fruit at the same time will result in more points than cutting each piece individually. Once the fruit has been lined up, wait for the appropriate opportunity to chop it. This game improves sustained attention since players must always keep their eyes peeled to chop fruit. Various pieces of fruit come on the screen at irregular intervals, so players must concentrate to avoid missing a single piece. If players do not pay attention for even a second, they risk missing out on important scoring opportunities and perhaps losing the game.


  • Fun fruit-slashing action.
  • There are many sweet and tasty fruits to cut open.
  • Earn more points for completing combos.
  • Avoid bombs, and do not miss the fruit.

How To Play

Using your mouse or finger, slice the fruit into little pieces

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