Banana Duck

Banana Duck

Banana Duck is a platform puzzle game in which you play as a charming little duck in a world full of traps, closed doors, and huge vegetables. Find keys, unlock gates, find hidden regions, and carry on with this adventure to the conclusion.

Consider yourself a duck with an insatiable desire for bananas, but your refrigerator is stocked with everything but your beloved yellow fruit. The only way to quench your banana need is to navigate the dangerous and perilous maze. Your goal is to catch bananas while avoiding deadly vegetables and saw blades. You complete the levels by moving, jumping and guiding the duck towards the banana at the conclusion of each one. Avoid spikes, falling into pits, and other traps and obstacles that could kill or trap you. If necessary, use the key to open the door, jump on the trampoline to rise higher, and use any other power-ups or beneficial things you find to achieve your goal. Your best companions as you jump, hop, and maneuver your way through each level's obstacles are accurate and rapid reflexes. Banana Duck captures the spirit of wanting fulfillment amid an onslaught of unexpected perils in an adventure filled with tension, humor, and a touch of silliness.

How To Play

WASD / Arrow Keys = move

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