The Final Earth 2

The Final Earth 2

It’s 2142 in The Final Earth 2, and unfortunately, the Earth is no longer a desirable place to live. Thankfully, you managed to move to a new world of galaxies away from Earth, and now it’s time to make this place a desirable location for the earthlings! Begin by mining and collecting resources; watch your population expand; and cater for the wellbeing of your citizens!

The Final Earth 2 offers seven different game modes, with the standard mode being building a new civilization from scratch. However, if you want to change the pace of the game, there are six other options to refresh your experience! From having a much larger world to managing countless smaller worlds, there are tons of things that can make your gameplay either easier or harder!

How To Play

  • Interact with the game with the left mouse button.
  • Follow a citizen by clicking on them while holding the Ctrl key.

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