Square Mineblock

Square Mineblock

Welcome to Square Mineblock! In this enjoyable platformer game, Steve must conquer obstacles, gather coins, and cross the finish line.

You will see a square block of Steve slowly sliding forward, and when you tap the screen, a new block will appear beneath him, allowing you to stay higher. You must do this to avoid obstacles along the road, since if you hit one, the level will be lost. In addition to avoiding obstacles and traps along the route, you create blocks to gather coins from the track, which represent your score; thus, the more coins you collect, the higher your score. The taller you are, There are six stages to accomplish, each of which is more difficult than the previous one but also more intriguing, so give it your all and see how much fun it is!

How To Play

Tap the screen to form bricks of the appropriate height to overcome obstacles. Do not forget to collect coins along the route.

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