Crazy Bunny

Crazy Bunny

Welcome to Crazy Bunny. Our little rabbit adores carrots, which is why he will eat them at any cost, even if it means risking his life. This is a thrilling 2D platform game that will take you on an incredible journey. Have fun right now!

Bunny awoke one day to find himself in an unfamiliar world. He is starving, and in front of him are carrots, his favorite food. However, several difficulties stand in his way of obtaining the carrots. In this game, you assist it in obtaining food while avoiding danger. The main figure moves around on his own. Its roads are built out of fixed dirt and brick parts. Your goal is to touch them at the right time. They will vanish, leaving the creature to collect its reward. Other animals, such as rabbits and green bees, are similarly affected. They have the potential to be lethal. Time is the most important factor in completing the level. When you come close to the spikes, click to destroy the wall and repair it. Create a strategy before making any decisions. Best wishes!

How To Play

Click or tap at the right time to navigate Bunny

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