Idle Craft 3D

Idle Craft 3D

Idle Craft 3D can satisfy your construction love! Create a prosperous and wealthy community through hard work and dedication. Let's get started!

A meteor shower descended on the village you were living in, killing everything and leaving the village devastated. What you need to do now is restore the former community, even turning it into a fantasy village. You'll have to help him make money while he employs staff and does other things. They may fall asleep due to weariness. The elders should be summoned to wake them up. The goal of the location-based construction game is to stack blocks, get involved in the construction sector, and create the world's highest skyscraper! Build the foundation from the start of the game, amass it, and turn it into a spectacular milestone! You may learn how to build magnificent homes, and we will walk you through the full process from foundation to home completion. Don't forget to look for resources and enhance your tools. In the game, you can design unique furnishings and structures, enjoy stunning 3D graphics, and become the richest idle construction tycoon!

How To Play

Click or tap to start building

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