Super Droid Adventure

Super Droid Adventure

Super Droid Adventure is an arcade platform game inspired by the classic Super Mario game. In this thrilling video game, you assist a small robot in his quest to defeat a formidable boss who has devastated his castle.

The droid's mission is to take revenge on the enemies who destroyed his home. However, the journey is fraught with danger as the alien planet is full of traps and enemies ready to destroy him. Use simple move commands to dodge giant bullets, jump on enemies, cross bridges and get all the stars! You can press the start button whenever you feel ready to test your reflexes. Start with the basics: jump between platforms, smash rocks, collect gold, and learn how to deal with enemies. Time your jump so you can land on them, dealing damage. You will use this skill to defeat enemies throughout the journey. Beware of the flying mob; They can be life-threatening if taken lightly. Save a few lives at all costs so you don't have to return to level one. Good luck!

How To Play

  • A or left arrow key = move left
  • D or right arrow key = move right
  • W or Z or up arrow key = jump
  • X or J = shoot

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