Super Craft Bros Runner

Super Craft Bros Runner

Immerse yourself in Craft Runner Boy's thrilling running universe. A one-of-a-kind blend of Minecraft and endless online running games. As a Pixel Craft Temple hero, pursue the super robber and recover your stolen gold.

The robber was running really fast, and it appeared that only his greatest efforts could catch up with him. Hurry as fast as you can, avoiding oncoming trains and buses. Your goal is to collect coins while avoiding oncoming trains and other obstacles. There will be rockets, turtles, and other obstacles that you must avoid at all costs! Remember to acquire gold coins while on the run. Collecting coins that improve power is a top priority for survival. Don't forget to use special equipment like magnets or shields; they can make a big difference in your run. Keep in mind that each run increases your speed, so stay focused! If you are struck by a missile or run into a turtle, you will lose three lives; however, if you run out of lives, you will have to restart the game from the beginning.

How To Play

Swipe left or right on the screen to change lanes, swipe up to jump, and swipe down to slide beneath obstacles to control your character.

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