Tiny Man And Red Bat

Tiny Man And Red Bat

Welcome to Tiny Man And Red Bat! A small guy and a bat journey through a gloomy dungeon filled with different horrors. Help the man overcome any hurdles.

You play as a small man who faces many problems with a crimson bat. Your mission is to protect the magical realm from the evil forces that threaten its survival. In the game, you will visit a variety of settings, including gloomy tunnels, fascinating woodlands, and gorgeous castles. You must solve riddles and destroy foes to get valuable items and skills that will aid you in your struggle against evil powers. Be extra cautious around sharp spikes and venomous slugs. Can you preserve the magical realm from the powers of evil? Is your Dwarven and Red Bat team powerful enough? Try Tiny Man and Red Bat and see for yourself!

How To Play

A/D moves left and right, W/S moves up and down, and X shoots arrows.

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