Pixel Bubbleman.io

Pixel Bubbleman.io

Welcome to Pixel Bubbleman.io! If you enjoy iO games, you will not want to miss this one! You will be able to play as a pixel guy made out of numerous pixel balls. The streets are filled with bubbles that battle when they collide. You are also a member of the bubble; you must fight for a longer survival time by defeating more bubbles. This is the only way we can buy more time! Choose your opponents carefully; you may lose!

Your objective is to merge other pixel people of the same color as you on the street while avoiding opponents of various colors. This is an extremely perilous mission. Are you ready? Move carefully through the streets and gather the colorful balls scattered around the road to boost your power. When you have a massive body, don't be afraid to defeat other opponents strolling the streets. Pixel Bubbleman.io has emerged as one of the most intriguing new arcade games of the year, thanks to its addicting gameplay and 3D pixel graphic design. Have fun!

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