Castel Wars New Era

Castel Wars New Era

Castel Wars New Era is an exciting 2-player platform action game with pixel graphics!
Your castle is constantly under attack! You will have to defend your stronghold with increasing ferocity against invaders! In this fun free online game with a classic style, you are a brave little hero with one sole purpose in life, which is to defend your castle by any means necessary. Each of the two players will control a castle, and your goal is to use the weapons at your disposal to shoot down enemy castles and take them down before they can take down yours, with the player who wins and knocks out the other first becoming the winner. With new weapons, different maps, and challenging game modes, it offers a fun and engaging gaming experience for both single and two players.

How To Play

Player 1: WAD = move/jump, E = attack. Player 2: Arrow = move/jump, Space = attack

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