Sticka Stacka

Sticka Stacka

Sticka Stacka welcomes you into an exciting world of puzzle-solving excitement! This is just another sliding puzzle game where you have to change parts that are connected to reveal the finished image!

Each level is made up of a number of irregularly spaced horizontal parts. Your objective is to assemble the segments to form a complete image. It's similar to a standard jigsaw puzzle. With 130 levels, each stage provides a new test fora your problem-solving talents. Can you overcome them all? You'll be racing against the clock as you strive to finish each puzzle within the time limit. Achieving success within the time restriction will reward you with a glowing star and give you access to the unlocked photographs.

How To Play

Before time runs out, arrange the pieces in the proper order. To do so, simply click and drag any section around. Find the correct spot and release the LMB. Adjust the images until they match. To gain a star, complete the task as swiftly as possible.

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