Shadoworld Adventure

Shadoworld Adventure

Shadoworld Adventure is an enjoyable platformer/retro game! Jump on foes to destroy them, and keep an eye out for wicked obstacles that may fall on you. Avoid the spikes to avoid losing the game!
Our hero is stuck in the kingdom of darkness and must face terrifying foes to escape. On each level, you must find the key and open the gate. The journey to the key is fraught with difficulties to conquer. There will be spikes, gaps, and even monsters patrolling the platform. You must leap at the appropriate time to avoid all of these traps. If some platforms are too high, you can use the W key to double leap. You have three lives at each stage. Jump on the creatures, destroy them, and get to the gate before time runs out. Collect keys to go to the gates, and don't forget to collect all of the stars. Have fun!


  • There are several levels to finish.
  • An entertaining and addictive game.
  • Retro-themed graphics
  • Intuitive controls

How To Play

To maneuver the hero across the gloomy realm, use the left and right arrow keys. Use the up arrow to jump. Tap the up arrow twice to double jump. Double leap to reach a higher platform. Land on fearsome opponents to remove them from your path. When you've found the key, take the hero to the green platform to begin the next level.

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