Pixel Combat The SandStorm

Pixel Combat The SandStorm

Pixel Combat The Sandstorm is a thrilling action game. Earth has been invaded by pixels from the Zombie Apocalypse; battle and complete each level.

Earth has been invaded by a pixel zombie apocalypse; you can battle in teams with players from all over the world in our multiplayer or try the campaign to complete all levels; several modes await you to have fun, as well as premium guns and characters. You'll be able to murder a variety of pixelated corpses thanks to the game's shield walls, surprises, and diverse weaponry. You will be granted a main base for Pixel Art 3D, where you can build a spaceship and preserve your existence. The fate of all humanity is in your hands. It will be difficult to overcome the issue of viewing many 3D locales. Use high-tech weapons to achieve your objectives. Explore the building's hidden rooms on each story. Although the challenge may be great, a first-person shooter victory will solidify your reputation as a formidable warrior. Stay watchful at all times. Among certain feeble humans and the undead. Within moments, they will rip you apart.

How To Play

  • WASD: Move.
  • Mouse: shoot, aim, look around, change firearms.

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