Mineblock Dragon Adventure

Mineblock Dragon Adventure

Mineblock Dragon Adventure is a Flappy Bird-inspired game with a Minecraft theme. Go on an exciting adventure, soaring up and down with your dragon, to collect all of your golden eggs!

In this game, players embark on an incredible arcade adventure as they control a fire dragon through numerous hard levels. The objective is to collect as many dragon eggs as possible while conquering various challenges. To get around perilous corners, you must evade razor-sharp spikes. The game provides an exciting experience that tests your abilities and reflexes in equal measure. Begin flying with your dragon in the world of Minecraft right now, and be sure to share your experience with your friends by inviting them to play this or any other new game of the day!

How To Play

To control the flying dragon, simply use the mouse: click to ascend, and release the left mouse button to descend. There are numerous obstacles on your path: dodge walls and spikes. If you touch one, you will restart from the beginning. It is not easy, as even the first level is really challenging.

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