Mine Cave Hidden Stars

Mine Cave Hidden Stars

Mine Cave Hidden Stars is an excellent adventure game for everyone who likes treasure hunting and discovering hidden stuff. Take on the role of an explorer as you journey through dangerous caves in search of hidden stars.

The objective of the game is to discover relics concealed underground. You'll see a specific image on the screen. You'll need to look at it closely. You will use a special magnifying glass for this. Direct them to the photo, where you will be looking for stuff. When you locate the stars, simply click on them, and they will be highlighted. Once you have found and highlighted all five hidden stars, you have won the game, and you can spin. Return to another image until you see stars in all five. So you select it from the playing field and receive points for it. You must be aware of traps and impediments that may make completing the objective difficult. To get to your target, sneak through small passageways and dodge chasms. This intriguing point-and-click game will put your observation skills to the test. Can you find all the hidden stars on each level?

How To Play

To locate the stars, use your mouse to move the magnifying glass around the picture.

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