Block Collapse Grand Challenge

Block Collapse Grand Challenge

Welcome to the Block Collapse Grand Challenge. Do you enjoy sugary candy? Then immerse yourself in a world filled with the aroma of sweet candies and have unlimited pleasure.

The gameplay is basic and familiar; all you have to do is discover groupings of candies of the same hue and click on them to take them off the board. Click on groupings of the same color blocks that are connected horizontally or vertically to collapse them. Each collapse will result in some points. Points are awarded for eliminating a group of two or more people. If you remove more than 7 blocks with a single click, you will receive a random power-up (bomb, arrow, or magnet). If you only clear one block with one click, 200 points will be subtracted from your total score. The greater the group, the higher the score. Aim for each level and clear all of the blocks on the board to go to the next level. Have some fun!

How To Play

To eliminate candies of the same hue from the board, click on them in groups.

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