Captain Minecraft

Captain Minecraft

Captain Minecraft is an intriguing game for anyone who likes adventure and avoiding difficulties. The game was inspired by the popular Minecraft game. Help Captain Minecraft escape the zombies.

Famous in Minecraft, the pirate captain sailed to the island where one of his comrades had hidden riches. He went down to the shore and began searching for hidden wealth. While exploring the island for treasure, he came into contact with a zombie. In the game Captain Minecraft, he must run along the path toward the sea while avoiding creatures. Your hero will run at full speed along the road. Behind him, the beasts will pursue. On the route, our hero will come across obstacles and traps. You, the pilot, will have to force the captain to cross the entire side or jump up and run. Remember that any hindrance could endanger his life.

How To Play

Use the mouse to move the main character left, right, jump, and crouch. Do not forget to collect coins along the route. Just a tiny error may lead the undead to catch up with you, so be cautious.

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