Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride is an endless runner game in which you control a bullet-powered jetpack. Shoot down scientists while avoiding hazardous hazards. Keep going as long as you can, collecting cash and power-ups along the way!

You play Barry Steakfries, whose goal is to defeat all of the scientists and reach the end of the laboratory. You will be wearing a high-tech jetpack on your shoulder, which will allow you to move quickly. Use it to fly over obstacles, avoid guided missiles, and avoid lasers. As you go around the lab, fire down your captors while avoiding hazardous traps. Collect coins, upgrade, and wield a range of formidable weapons. Use these coins to buy strong upgrades that will improve your survival and powers.


  • Run, avoid, and collect!
  • Run nonstop to evade missiles and lasers. Pick up as many coins as you can and travel the furthest distance without dying.

How To Play

To go up, simply hold your finger, the left mouse button, or the space bar. And you may let go and go down. Shoot your captors and avoid lethal obstacles while scooping up cash, power-ups, powerful weapons, and numerous different outfits.

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