MatchCraft Match Three

MatchCraft Match Three

If you enjoy simple match-3 games, MatchCraft Match Three is the game to play right now! To earn the greatest possible score, you must attentively watch the board and plan your movements. The goal is to bring together three Minecraft players to assist Steve in mining. You should gather rocks, break ice, extinguish lava, and chop boulders!

You and the hero of the game Matchcraft Match Three, who lives in the Minecraft Universe, will travel to the hilly area to collect gems and other materials. On the screen, you will see a square playing area with an equal number of cells. Each will contain things of varying shapes and hues. You must thoroughly inspect everything. Look for entirely identical things standing adjacent to one another. Using the mouse, drag any of these things into a cell in any direction. So you'll eliminate these three things in a row. This group will be removed from the screen, and you will receive a set number of points for it. Your aim is to score as many points as possible in the time allocated to do it.

How To Play

To play, match three identical gems on the board to remove them. Levels will be finished if you remove the required number for each level. However, if you don't want to have to start over, keep in mind the maximum number of moves allowed per round.

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