Hearts Blocks Collapse

Hearts Blocks Collapse

Hearts Blocks Collapse is a very addicting puzzle game that will keep you entertained for hours! If you enjoy challenges, you will really adore this game!

The game is loaded with hearts of various hues that you must remove by clicking on them. The idea is to delete any hearts that are joined horizontally or vertically. To clear as many hearts from each level as possible, you must plan ahead of time. The screening box will show you the worth of each elimination. To advance to the next level, you must meet or surpass the target amount for that level. The goal is to arrange your moves in such a way that new combinations surface after previous ones are eliminated. Remember that all vertical rows move simultaneously. Use power-ups, such as bombs, to clear the board. The more bricks you remove in one move, the more points you'll receive! The game is simple to learn, yet it demands that you focus and make quick decisions. If you don't meet the target quantity, don't panic; you can always try the level again. Prepare to enjoy Hearts Blocks Collapse!

How To Play

Find and click on groups of two or more hearts of the same color. Continue like this until you reach the required score at each level

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