Dotto Botto

Dotto Botto

Dotto Botto is a classic Super Mario Bros platformer. Help Dotto find her way home and try to complete all of the levels!

The game's purpose is to help Dotto find his way home as he encounters several hazardous foes, unusual creatures, and difficult barriers. In Dotto Botto, the player must guide the main character through a number of stages, with each level presenting unique challenges. Players must utilize their agility and quick reflexes to jump over gaps, avoid monster attacks, and collect power-ups to help them on their trip. The levels are loaded with odd creatures, strange scenery, and hidden mysteries waiting to be unearthed. With interesting gameplay, a unique gaming environment, and hard levels, this game is sure to bring hours of entertainment and excitement. So, why wait? Begin your quest today and become a Dotto Botto champion!

How To Play

Use touchscreen controls on your mobile device. To move and leap on a PC, use the WASD keys or the ARROWS + SPACEBAR combination. To move, use the D-pad or left analog stick, and to jump, use A or X.

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