Run MineBlock Run

Run MineBlock Run

Welcome to Run MineBlock Run! To evade the incoming fire arrows, jump or crouch. Survive as long as possible and achieve a high score.

You will be transported to the world of Minecraft, where you will assist the soldier in escaping the enemy environment. Your hero will run down the forest path, gradually increasing his speed. There will be numerous failures and roadblocks along the way. You'll have to make your hero navigate all of these perilous roads. Opponents will shoot at you. You are controlling a hero who must evade gunshots.

How To Play

  • Tap the screen or press the appropriate key to make the character jump.
  • Ducking: To make the character duck, swipe down on the screen or press another appropriate key.
  • Avoid obstacles: Move the character through the game area by jumping over or ducking beneath obstacles (such as shooting arrows).

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