Parkour Block Xmas Special

Parkour Block Xmas Special

It's time to have some fun with Parkour Block Xmas Special game! Jump to the top of the Christmas tree while avoiding falling; otherwise, you will have to restart the game.

Winter has arrived in Minecraft World, and everyone is planning a Christmas celebration. Before the holiday season, some young people chose to take part in the Parkour Block Xmas Special Parkour Competition. The unique aspect is that you will hop on Christmas trees rather than blocks or platforms. Test your talents as a professional jumper by demonstrating your exceptional agility and attempting to reach the finish line without being damaged by falling into the gap. Jump, run, and climb without touching the ground to the next checkpoint. To win, overcome all kinds of difficult obstacles and do astonishing agility feats. Patience is essential to success, so pay attention to every step you take. There is no time limit in this game, but if you fall to the icy ground, you must restart the game from the beginning. Now choose your position and prepare to jump over the icy, pixelated pine trees!

How To Play

You'll use the WASD keys to navigate around, jump across space, and use the mouse to look in different directions. Your goal is to cover as much ground as possible by hopping from tree to tree without falling into the snowy ground, which will cause you to lose.

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