Bowmastery zombies

Bowmastery zombies

Bowmastery Zombies is an entertaining archery game set in a vintage pixelated environment. Help Minecraft's Steve shoot arrows and defeat his adversaries!

In the game, you play as a pixel archer who must defeat the pixel zombies in each level by shooting them down with your bow and arrow. You only have a limited quantity of arrows to clear each level, so don't squander them before bringing down all of the zombies. The less and more accurately you utilize, the more stars you obtain, from one to three, which influences your score because you earn points after each level. At the end of each level, you will receive one to three stars depending on your performance, as well as points, so work hard to earn as many as possible.

How To Play

You use the mouse to manipulate the bow and arrow, moving it up and down to aim, retreating to power up the shot, and finally releasing the mouse button to fire. If possible, try shooting many vines at the same time. In addition, try to discover a way past the obstructions and other stuff that stand between you and your goal, with each level presenting a more challenging conundrum to solve with your arrow.

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