Blockcraft Cars Jigsaw

Blockcraft Cars Jigsaw

This is a simple jigsaw puzzle with the purpose of assembling the pieces into a complete picture. The rules are simple, but in practice, things are not so easy! Choose a photo you enjoy. You can select one of 12 photos and one of three modes: easy (25 pieces), medium (49 pieces), or hard (100 pieces). A complete image will appear on the screen before being fragmented into numerous small fragments. Remember that image, and then begin to assemble. After seeing the puzzle pieces scattered randomly on the screen, you will use the mouse to collect them. You will put them together one at a time until you have a complete picture of your face. Here's a little tip for you: remove pieces from the front edge. Start having fun right away, and don't forget to bring your friends!

How To Play

Drag the puzzle pieces into their proper spots to finish the picture. There is no time limit, so you can freely assemble until it is complete.

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