Block Craft Differences

Block Craft Differences

The game will feature graphics of Iron Man and other popular superheroes. There will be five variations between the pictures on the left and the pictures on the right, but don't worry, you're not being timed or anything, so find them at your own pace, friend. There's no need to hasten. When you identify one of the discrepancies, simply click on it to highlight it, and you will receive an inverted star, indicating that when you have all five stars at the top, you will level up, and then you will proceed. Proceed to the following part, where you will find another collection of photographs with which to identify differences. Many intriguing levels await you ahead. Put your hawkeye to the test by challenging your friends to see who can see the difference first. Enjoy, and don't stop here since we're confident you'll enjoy the other wonderful new games we've brought to you for free!

How To Play

Tap where you believe the difference lies between the two photos supplied. When you acquire five differences, you have completed the level.

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