Toilet Paper Please

Toilet Paper Please

In Toilet Paper Please, your mission is to collect toilet paper before time runs out. With the main character being a roll of toilet paper, do everything you can to avoid the piles of feces running everywhere. If you crash into them, you will definitely get dirty, you only have a total of three chances, use them all, the game will end immediately. With 45 levels, players can only win to unlock new levels, you will not be able to choose the level you like if it has not been unlocked.

The game is operated in an extremely simple way: move and collect toilet paper, avoid poops, and complete the mission before time runs out. From the fourth level onwards, you will face a lot of poops moving wildly, if you touch them, the toilet paper roll will get dirty. The player needs to move smart to dodge all the poops and complete the level. With each level completed, you will go to more difficult levels but be careful because their difficulty is unimaginable.

How To Play

Collect all the toilet paper before running out of time: Use WASD or Arrow keys to play

  • P - pause
  • R - resume
  • S - sound
  • M - music
  • Q - home

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