Cat Chef And Broccoli

Cat Chef And Broccoli

Cat Chef And Broccoli is a cooking style game with the main character being broccoli. His mission is to run away from the chef cat because he doesn't want to be cooked. The cat will chase right after him while in front are obstacles such as rolling cookies and shakers or salt grinders. Only by getting into the refrigerator can our character be safe.

Cute graphics and simple gameplay will make it one of the popular pixel games for all ages. Remember that the difficulty of the game will increase gradually so if you want to win all the levels, you need a certain concentration. Its difficulty will depend on the number of obstacles on your way. This game has its own time limit, the chef cat is chasing you, it will not stop until it catches the broccoli, so you need to move quickly.

How To Play

Use arrow keys to play:

  • Right arrow - move forward
  • Up arrow - jump (press twice to jump higher)

Note: You cannot use left arrow to move backward because the cat is always behind you

If you touch anything like cookies, shakers or salt grinders, you have to restart the level immediately

Have fun!

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