Surviving in the Woods

Surviving in the Woods

If you enjoy the survival game genre, then Surviving In The Woods is for you! Try to survive in the forest by cutting down trees with an axe and building a beautiful and safe house out of wood.

Have you ever been into the woods alone? Have you ever considered what you would need to do to survive if you became lost there? If that's the case, there's no need to imagine any longer because you'll have to face all of the worst things you can think of. To survive in the hard jungle, you must build a shelter, which is not easy. The purpose of this game is to survive in the jungle by exploiting trees, animals, plants, and whatever else you can locate and use to your benefit. That's for me. The only tool you have is an ax, and there are many trees around you. Create a shelter in the forest with available resources.

How To Play

You can move using the w, a, s, and d keys, jump with the spacebar, run with the shift key, pick up items with E, drop with R, and interact with the mouse.

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