Robot Evolution

Robot Evolution

Robot Evolution is a retro-style action platformer set in a mining complex overrun by malfunctioning robots. It is a strategic and interactive game in which players must employ tactical skills to advance and succeed.

An emergency occurred in a covert robot development laboratory. All of the robots have gone rogue and are now on the hunt for lab personnel. You will confront problems as the main character in each level by fighting various machines and overcoming basic hurdles. The goal of the game is to destroy the generator in order to progress to the next level. You will face several perils, obstacles, and adversaries in each level, but thanks to your skills and abilities, you will be able to accomplish all of the tasks. To advance through some game levels, you must battle enemies. You will have to assist the hero in collecting various useful goods that will be useful to the character along the way.

How To Play

Use touch controllers to move, leap, and attack your way through each level, avoiding obstacles and defeating foes as you go.

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