MineWorld Horror The Mansion

MineWorld Horror The Mansion

Mineworld Horror The Mansion is a first-person survival horror game with Minecraft-inspired visuals, a spooky atmosphere, and terrifying zombies. Investigate the mansion to see what's going on, then try to escape with your life. Get ready for some fun jump scares!

There's been a terrible incident in a secret laboratory hidden under a house in the countryside. The first police team sent to investigate has yet to return, and now it's up to you to solve the mystery and find out. What happened! This is a horror shooting game in which you will have to defeat all the zombies you encounter. There are ten variations, and to defeat them, you will use several types of weapons you will find or buy. Explore the world around you, and make sure you survive all its horrors.

How To Play

Move with W, A, S, and D keys; use the mouse to shoot; sprint with the shift key; crouch with CTRL; jump with the spacebar; use the R key to reload weapons; and use the F key to interact with items. Good luck in this Minecraft zombie survival adventure, and we hope you do your best to play this game and enjoy it all the way through!

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