Infinite War 2020

Infinite War 2020

Infinite War 2020 is the war that never stops! Now is the time to eliminate terrorists with your team in death battles!

In this game, a clan is on its way to torment and destroy your area. You will be a terrorist warbreaker working with evil guys to restore peace in this area. Many terrorists will come, and they will be lurking on the walls, which will appear unexpectedly and in large numbers. To win this game, you must be vigilant and eliminate all terrorists. In the game, you will use all of your shooting talents from prior games. This, and whenever you face terrorists, react as quickly as possible by shooting your gun to destroy them. They will annihilate you again if you are slow. Enter the battlefield and begin shooting down your opponents to gain money to spend on more stronger weapons. Show no mercy and strike immediately, or else other skilled players will take you down before you blink. Take careful care of your ammunition and don't run out. You must not leave a single soldier alive; in this virtual conflict, the final survivor will win. Play this fascinating game to show off your tactical skills and accurate targeting ability in order to win the battle. Do you wish to be the leader of this country and defeat all terrorists?

How To Play

WASD = move, Mouse = aim / shoot, Space = jump, Shift = run

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