Noob Vs pro 1

Noob Vs pro 1

Embark on an exciting adventure with Noob VS Pro 1, in which you must embark on an exciting quest with two pals to recover the diamond apples stolen by the cheater! The plot begins with Steve and the specialists finally discovering a mythical tree that produces incredibly rare fruit. But then Hacker emerges out of nowhere, barricades your route with a massive stone wall, and snatches the last diamond apple. This made Noobik upset! He is now determined to reclaim his rightful place!

In this adventure platformer, you will progress through many levels filled with various games. The goal of completing these games is to find the magical apple that was stolen from you. While working towards your aim of locating the stolen magical apple, you will need to assist God, who will make things simpler for you. You will play many mini-games and attack the enemies assigned to you while assisting them. You must also behave strategically and choose your movements wisely. You can gather weapons such as big swords or arches around the room. Make sure to use them in conjunction with explosives to eliminate your adversaries. To get around the house, use explosives to blast up wall bricks. Now let's see if you can be a hero and defeat these zombies!

How To Play

Use the WASD keys to move and the space key to shoot your weapon if you need.

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