Cross Stitch 2 - Coloring book 1

Cross Stitch 2 - Coloring book 1

Cross Stitch 2 – Coloring Book 1 is a game of coloring different objects based on the letters in each square. With cute pixel images, players need to add colors to make them more vivid than ever. Looking at the highlighted letters, color in the corresponding squares to create a complete picture. This is a simple and casual game suitable for players of all ages, especially children, you can also play with your little friends at any time. The user-friendly interface and eye-catching images will delight anyone. However, half of the images in the game need to be unlocked via video, so it will be a barrier for those who want to complete all the drawings.

How To Play

  • The goal of the game is to paint over all the cells so that a color picture comes out
  • “Hand” can move the canvas. Click on hand or on the keyboard press “2”
  • To zoom IN and OUT of the canvas, press and hold the magnifying glass buttons.


  • Other ways to zoom:

- With the mouse – wheel

- On the touch screen – pinch two fingers

  • “Pencil” can fill in the cells. Click on the “Pencil” or on the keyboard, press the “1” key
  • Each cell has a symbol that indicates the color from the palette below. Choose any color from the palette.


  • If you have a keyboard, you can use the corresponding key symbols to navigate through the colors of the palette.
  • A single click paints one cell, while holding and moving many cells


Using the right MOUSE button, you can move the canvas without responding to the “Hand” tool

Now, using the acquired skills, paint over all the cells

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