Сoloring By Numbers

Сoloring By Numbers

Coloring by Numbers is a game of coloring pixel pictures based on numbers in different positions of the picture. Players can choose different pictures to perform the coloring task. The rules of the game are very simple: based on the numbers on the picture, you need to color the colors corresponding to those numbers within a limited time to collect at least one star and go to the next mission.

The game has dozens of different images from nature, people, objects to famous symbols representing things. Dozens of levels are waiting for you to explore, but half of them need to watch ads to unlock, they are all unique and wonderful images. After completing the free images, you can watch ads to open them one by one. Take a photo of your results after you've finished coloring all the images. Have fun.

How To Play

  • Left click: Responsible for choosing the color as well as coloring the field
  • Right click: when you press and move the mouse, you can move around the playing field
  • Mouse wheel: when scrolling, it moves away or zooms in on a section of the drawing

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