Mad Mad Unicorn

Mad Mad Unicorn

Mad Mad Unicorn is a fun online game in which you embark on an exciting adventure with a vengeful flying unicorn. This aggressive monster constantly hunts unwary birds. Assist him in the terrible race against the unfortunate, helpless birds!

The goal is to kill as many birds as possible while evading missiles aimed at the unicorn for as long as possible. All birds flying in and above the clouds must be destroyed, but be careful because they will soon notice you and begin shooting missiles that should not fall. A magical carrot can help you protect yourself, so try to gather one. With a single false step, the horse will soon tumble into the abyss while still in flight. Assist him in finishing the level entirely. However, avoid slowing down too much when doing this. Remember that a unicorn is a mythical horse capable of both flying and jumping.


  • An infinite sky level with increasing difficulty.
  • There are 10 works of art to unlock.
  • Achievement
  • A unicorn flies furiously.

How To Play

Drag the mouse to smash into birds flying in the skies, avoid bombs, and gather eggs to protect yourself.

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