Craft Punch

Craft Punch

Welcome to Craft Punch! Play this multiplayer Minecraft-themed game! Punch the monster in front of you with speed and accuracy.

Craft Punch transports you to a lovely blocky universe resembling Minecraft. However, instead of gathering materials to construct or make something, you will compete in a zombie punching tournament. In that competition, your ultimate goal is to punch zombies and score more points than your opponent within 90 seconds. If you hit correctly, you will receive one point. If you punch the zombie multiple times in a row first, you will earn bonus points. However, if you strike Steve, you will be penalized 20 points. A particular zombie will occasionally come and stand stationary, allowing you to punch it indefinitely. You can flip the tile using that zombie. Remember the game's rules: you can hit zombies, but never Steve. This game requires you to be both quick and focused. Do not give these terrible enemies a chance. Be the first player to reach the top of the scoreboard and get the highest score. Try to demonstrate your agility in the game to achieve a good score. A game that allows you to occupy yourself while ignoring these unpleasant pressures will have you hooked from the first time you play. Before the game runs out, do your best to score more points than the other players; this is how you become the champion. Good luck, keep focused, and have fun—it's only possible here!

How To Play

You can play against the computer in 1P mode if that's what you want, but we strongly prefer playing in 2P mode more because you're up against a real opponent. You both use the same computer; one has the right arrow and the other has the left. These keys control the red and blue punches, and all you have to do is press them at the appropriate time to see the creeper punch emerge at random times in the middle of the screen.

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