Christmas Runner

Christmas Runner

Christmas Runner is an incredible running game set in the vast cubic universe of Kogama. This specific title has a fantastic Christmas theme and is an excellent game to play throughout the holiday season! Prepare to sprint through a winter wonderland as the clock counts down.
This is another exciting episode in the enjoyable Kogama series; this time, you must finish the race as swiftly as possible. Run alongside the character Kogama on a platform set during the Christmas season. The goal of the game is simple: navigate across various objects and platforms using your parkour skills to be the first player to touch the flag at the end. The game consists of only one level, which is a small playing area with numerous parkour buildings. Each participant starts the game in the same location, and their primary goal is to capture the flag. The entire playground is perched high above the rapidly advancing clouds. There's a lot of snow and ice, as well as rocks, wood, and dirt. Follow the arrows down the tracks to reach the checkpoints, one by one, until you reach the finish line. Be cautious when running and jumping to avoid falling into holes, the sky, or any other form of obstacle or trap along the road; otherwise, you'll have to start over.


  • Colorful, three-dimensional graphics.
  • Relax and unwind as you play a winter-themed game.
  • Create your own unique avatar by selecting from a variety of customizations.
  • Each level contains its own set of challenges.
  • You can earn points on the leaderboard.

How To Play

To navigate your character, use the WASD keys. To leap over gaps and obstacles, use the space bar. You must move fast.

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